Get Your Copy Of My New Book, MY FRUITFUL WORLD Now...
Get Your Copy Of My New Book, MY FRUITFUL WORLD Now...
Uncover The Secrets Behind My Transformation & Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health...
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The sad truth is that millions of people die every year of diseases that are easily preventable or treatable...

...and it's because we've never been taught how to find the cause of the problem & get rid of it. 

Instead, we're left going from doctor to doctor, masking the symptom, but not helping ourselves. 

It's sad. It's unfortunate. And it's time to do something about it! 

I wrote this book, My Fruitful World to share my story, to inspire others & to provide information that has the potential to change your health & wellbeing forever...
In just a few years, I went from a genetic mutation (Li-Fraumeni syndrome), cancerous colon polyp & brain tumor to a happy, healthy life (for me & for my family)..


By following a new approach to food, nutition & health...

I learned, curated & develop a new set of 'rules' for myself, what I put into my food & how I think about my wellbeing (& it changed my life!)

Since then, I've gone on to build a following of 110k Youtube subscribers - people from all around the world! And I've helped thousands of people overcome their health challenges, heal themselves & attain optimal health as well by sharing my approach with them!

But, that's not enough for me...

There are so many millions of people suffering from health problem that can easily be reversed & healed. And so I wrote this book to spread my message further!

MY FRUITFUL WORLD: Uncover The Secrets Behind My Transformation  Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health...
Inside this book, you'll learn...
  • The real reason for health problems (hint: it's not genetics!)
  • The healing power of raw foods (especially fruits!)
  • What a 'healthy diet' really is & actually follow it
  • How to detox, take care of & heal your body (anyone can do this!)
  • How to treat / prevent diseases & live a long, happy life
  • How to make a change today & move towards optimal health!
Here's Specifically What's Covered Inside The 332-Pages Of This Brand New Book:
  • How traumatic health experiences in life can affect someones whole worldview and change your path in life... (PLUS: how to be more aware & confident in how you handle whatever health problems you face) - For the whole story, see page 13.
  • Are people living longer than better? YES. But, it's not for the reasons you think - For more information on life spans & longevity, see page 37.
  • A big problem can be deciding what’s healthy and what isn’t. So, what exactly is a 'healthy diet?'  - Get the simple answer & insights into how you can live it on page 42.
  • ​Understanding the whole concept of consuming products that have not been heat cooked is also very important. Therefore, on page 51 - the reasons why the raw food diet is healthier are explained, i.e. you can read a bit about enzymes, various chemicals and electricity.
  • You'll be able to understand the whole difference between juices and smoothies and read a little bit about juice cleanses which have recently become quite popular. Worth it or not? And if so, how long should you do it? - If you are interested in this topic, go to page 67.
  • ​It is quite important to distinguish 'GMOs' from 'hybrids.' - A lot of people talk about genetically modified organisms (GMO's) & know how harmful they are, but few know how to distinguish them & avoid them - It’s all explained on page 83.
  • ​Digestion and hydration are two super important things that people also often forget. These two sections on pages 87 and 91 will dispel your doubts. You’ll read about why we need water, how much, and how our body processes the food it gets. ..
  • ​How were we created? How are we built? Why do we need our canine teeth?! By nature, are we vegans, fruitarians or carnivores, and what are the differences between people and other species? - On page 95 you will find out all the details on ten topics.
  • ​At the beginning of your journey with raw food you might need some help and hints... - If you are not sure how to start and how to stay on this diet, be sure to see page 112.
  • ​On page 116 - you will read about the reasons why some people fail. It is a matter of diet itself or can it be rather the matter of how and what quantities people eat?
  • ​In the “Animal Products” on page 125 - you’ll read about the impact of consuming animal products on the environment, other animals and, above all, on human health. Is meat needed for iron and milk for calcium? And is there such a thing as humane killing?
  • ​Digestive health is very important and connected to the health of the whole body and mental health as well. The intestines are called our 'second brain.' Sounds puzzling? - It's all simplified & explained simply on page 150.
  • ​What about protein?! How much protein does the human body need? Is protein really good for us? - These questions will be answered in great detail on page 157.
  • Many people who switch to a diet that does not contain animal products are afraid of their iron levels. The common belief is that its best source is meat. Are you sure? - This issue is clearly explained on page 173.
  • Do you know that sugar is actually one of the most important nutrients you need! It is not about refined sugar, but sugar from fruit eaten in its natural form. It is very important that you remember that these are two different types and how it works and why it is so important to consume it with fruits. - It’s all explained on page 186.
  • ​In the "Detox and healing" you read a bit about Candida overgrowth. Recently, there is a lot about it, but few people realize that each of us has Candida and this is not a problem. The problem is when it’s an overgrowth - I will tell you about the symptoms, causes and steps to take on page 204.
  • ​If you're a woman applying makeup on yourself every day, you may be interested in reading more about the ingredients of makeup - it's covered on page 212.
  • ​On page 217 - you'll discover some carefully hidden secrets about sanitary pads and tampons that can help explain and remove even menstrual pain, if you have one.
  • ​You also read about the oldest method of treatment, which is the most natural and is often initiated by your own body. Water fasting. - To read about my experiences, about my 2-year-old daughter's experience and how it all looks exactly, see page 220.
...And A Whole Lot More!
In Summary, What You're Getting Is A Complete Guide To Better Health... Which Will Provide You With New Information, Ideas & Steps That You Can Use To Feel Better, Live Longer & Live Healthier!
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RAW IN WINTER: How To Survive Eating Only Raw Food In A Cold Climate
I've been getting questions how to survive being a raw vegan or a fruitarian during winter for a long time now. I decided to answer this question with details also adding some simple yet delicious recipes that will help you.
In this ebook, "Raw in winter" I reveal my best tips and ideas for how to help yourself to make it all easy and pleasurable.
With Your Order Of ''My Fruitful World'', You'll Also Get This New Ebook For Free!
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